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Jono Drew, May 10 2023

The environmental impact of single-use, hybrid and reusable central venous catheter insertion kits

Research highlights


Single-use items are frequently used for central venous catheter (CVC) insertions. In a previous study comparing a single-use kit to a kit containing reusable metal items, it was found that the carbon footprint was lower for the single-use kit, whereas the reusable kit was cheaper. We wanted to re-examine these findings in a contemporary European setting and to extend the scope of the analysis to include textiles and assessment of additional environmental impact categories. We used life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology to assess the effects on resource use, climate change, ecosystem quality and human health [2] of items commonly used during CVC insertions. 

Methods & Results

For a complete summary of this data source and to see reported environmental impact values for studied products and activities, explore the HealthcareLCA Database.


Hemberg L, Wessberg N, Leire C, Bentzer P. Environmental impact of single-use and reusable items in central venous catheter insertion kits: a life cycle assessment. Intensive Care Med (2023)

Written by

Jono Drew

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