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About us

Cardiology: the environmental impacts.

Disciplines / Medicine

Cardiovascular disease is the most widespread non-communicable illness globally, and its impact on health continues to rise worldwide. Meeting the demands for preventing and treating heart disease requires substantial global healthcare resources.

In the context of healthcare striving to be more sustainable, there is a growing need to assess the environmental effects of cardiovascular healthcare. Regular activities involved in delivering cardiac care, such as imaging, testing, monitoring, prescribing, and surgical interventions, all have environmental consequences, including carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

It is crucial to recognize that there are numerous opportunities to effectively lessen the environmental impact of cardiac care, leading to economic, health, and social benefits.

What to learn more about the environmental impacts of cardiology?

Our database contains environmental impact estimates for a range of cardiology-related products and activities, including cardiac imaging, electrophysiology catheters, heart failure care pathways, and more!

Below we present a gallery view of all the cardiology-related data sources currently included within our database. Scroll through and expand tiles to learn more about each data source, including its scope and methods.

If you want to explore environmental impact estimates for specific products and activities, scroll down further to explore the database itself, again filtered to only show cardiology-related studies.

— "We are now facing the indivisibility of planetary health, human health and health-care delivery. The race to net-zero health-care delivery is on, and innovative medical fields such as cardiology should be fully engaged. Supporting environmental sustainability in the catheterization laboratory will not only reduce the carbon footprint but also help to improve social sustainability by facilitating patient access to ablation procedures worldwide."

Boussuge-Roze et al., 2022

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HealthcareLCA Gallery | Filtered: Discipline > Cardiology

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HealthcareLCA Database | Filtered: Discipline > Cardiology